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episode 1: Creatures of Legend

Travel backwards through time and learn of centuries of reports of hair-covered "forest giants" across the United States. Travel from the woods of Ohio to the mountains of Northern Washington and the forests of Northern California in search of answers to "the last great mystery. 

Episode 2: The Birthplace of Bigfoot

 Journey to the Pacific Northwest in this episode as we explore the modern day rebirth of the Bigfoot "legend". Learn about the Jerry Crew footprint discovery and meet members of the Olympic Project; a Bigfoot research group seeking evidence of the creature's existence on the Olympic Peninsula of Northern Washington. 

Episode 3: Rise of the Monsters

 Seth heads back to where it all began; Minerva, Ohio. Birthplace of the Minerva Monster, an important stop in Bigfoot history and the spot where Small Town Monsters was given life. Learn about the meteoric rise of rural monster legends across the US during this tumultuous time in history. 

Episode 4: Ask the Right Questions

 Head to the Chestnut Ridge in Pennsylvania. A location notorious for a long history of bizarre activity as Seth begins to learn the various theories regarding the existence of Bigfoot. 

Episode 5: Area X

Travel deep into the heart of the Ouachita Mountains in Southeastern Oklahoma where a Bigfoot investigative group called the North American Wood Ape Conservancy conducts research. Seth spends two days in this place where Bigfoot is said to walk and has a series of events unfold that change his way of thinking about the Bigfoot subject. 

Episode 6: The Search

 This episode takes us deep into the backwoods of southern Ohio where Seth, Adam and Shannon record some intriguing audio. Along the way they are joined by the Ohio Night Stalkers and learn more about why people take part in the search for Sasquatch.