season 2: on the trail of... bigfoot

 From Small Town Monsters and filmmaker, Seth Breedlove (The Mothman of Point Pleasant, The Bray Road Beast) comes this stunning, 6 episode miniseries. Setting out the detail the entire history of the Bigfoot phenomenon, On the Trail of Bigfoot was filmed coast to coast during 2018 and features witnesses and investigators of the elusive creature.  

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Season 3: on the trail of... ufos

Announcing the third season of Small Town Monsters' miniseries On the Trail of... UFOs!

2020... The Trail Goes On

We've just recently announced our season 3 subject, UFOs! This is going to be a massive investigative series regarding current UFO phenomena around America and, of course, it's rich history.

Be sure to spread the word about our first two seasons so we can continue to create these miniseries. We're very excited for this one!

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