About The Series


Digging Deeper

A new, ongoing, episodic series from Small Town Monsters! Each season takes you further into the history of your favorite Cryptids and paranormal phenomena than ever before. 


Seasonal Content

 In 2018 the first "Small Town Monsters: On the Trail of" was released. On the Trail of is what happens when one filmmaker takes on the challenge of covering a monsterous topic. To follow up Aleksandar Petakov's "Champ", season 2 will focus on the entire Bigfoot phenomena through centuries of reports and modern-day information.  


One Man Crew

 A series that allows one filmmaker to bring their own, singular vision to a huge subject and offers a unique storytelling opportunity for the audience, as well as the teller.   

the filmmakers

Aleksandar Petakov


Aleksandar Petakov is a documentary filmmaker and multimedia artist, as well as an avid fan of adventure and searching for the unknown. He has created short documentary films and series on these subjects, among others. Aleksandar is the one man crew behind "On the Trail of... Champ".

Seth Breedlove


Seth Breedlove is a filmmaker. He has written, edited, produced and directed shorts and features about a variety of topics, but is best known for his production company and the films they've produced under the Small Town Monsters banner.